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Are you feeling alone? Chat on Daily Therapy!

Is something pushing your soul? Do you feel like no one is listening?

Do you want to discuss your problems with someone? Then join our online community and chat with people like you! Daily Therapy is a free chat app where you can chat on a daily basis with people who also feel alone.

Sometimes it’s best to discuss the big things in life with a friend over a coffee, but lately, there have been few opportunities to do so. The pandemic situation has taught us to see virtual communication from a new perspective. Many were forced into their homes and community life declined greatly. The internet and online social media have been a huge help. The Daily Chat Therapy free chat app was also born during this period.

If you feel alone, download our app.

Through Daily Therapy, you can meet new people who are lonely and looking for company like you. With the app, you can have confidential, honest conversations that only you two can see. The only rule is to be kind and understanding with the other – after all, that’s what you expect during the conversation.

Be careful not to write anything offensive!

Meet new people online, in a safe way! Help each other with an honest and informal conversation that often has a therapeutic effect.

Daily Therapy is a simple, easy to use and fast chat app that you can download from both the AppStore and the Google Play Store. Try our application and put an end to loneliness!